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Sunday School and Christian Education... Important Steps Along The Journey

When parents request the church baptize their children, they are asked to make promises on their child's behalf; promises to teach them to pray and teach them to be faithful servants of our Lord Jesus Christ. We ask our congregation to renew their own baptismal vows and assist the parents and families as they begin this life long journey. In so doing, we welcome them into the family of faith at Spotswood Reformed Church.

In fulfillment of these promises, we encourage the parents to enroll their children in our church school where they are taught the Word of God and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, by using an age appropriate, Bible based curriculum. Currently we are using 'Faith Alive' from the Reformed Church of America in all of our classrooms. Lessons are based on Scripture and there are stories that help in the understanding of God's message for us.

Homework may involve praying or bringing in stories to share the following week.
There are no tests and everyone in attendance passes with straight 'A's.

In the lower grades, our goal is to teach the children a few, key biblical passages, familiarize them with the general content of the Bible, teach them about prayer, and get a taste for God's Word.

The junior high students tend to spend more time focused on Bible Study in preparation for Confirmation class.

Confirmation Class is designed for 9th graders. It consists of a year long study of church history, government, a study of the sacraments and a general understanding of the church year. At the end of the school year, students are expected to write Credo Papers. The word 'credo' comes from the Latin 'I believe.' These papers are intended to be a reflection of what each student believes about the assigned subject or topic. Often times, these papers not only reflect what the student has been taught and what they believe, but also what they question in light of what our culture and society teaches.

All of these steps along the way, from baptism to confirmation, are vital in laying a foundation for the life-long journey of faith that lies ahead. At the time of confirmation, students are making their personal confession of faith.
They are confirming for themselves what their parents had promised at baptism.

Our Sunday School begins at 10:00 am in the Sanctuary where families sit together for morning Worship. There is a Youth Message, and then the children are dismissed to their classrooms. Class ends at 11:00. The children meet in the Sanctuary each Sunday except for the first Sunday of the month, which is a Communion Sunday.
On Communion Sundays there is a special group class held downstairs for the entire hour, usually with a movie or craft.

Sunday School runs from Kindergarten through 8th grade. For the youngest members of our congregation we provide nursery care during worship.
This is located just behind the Sanctuary in the education wing of our facility and is appropriately staffed each week. 

The program year begins with Rally Day, which is the Sunday after Labor Day and continues through late May.
However, children are welcome to join Church School at anytime throughout the program year.

We hope this link has been helpful in providing you with information about our Christian Education program here at SRC.
As you can see, we view this ministry as a vitally important aspect of our life together and essential to the journey.